Episode 3 – Get-GPOReport

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In this episode we see how we can use Get-GPOReport to retrieve an HTML or XML representation of the settings and configuration of a GPO.

Import-Module grouppolicy
Get-GPO Remoting |Get-GPOReport -ReportType HTML -Path $report
start $report #open in a browser

The below screenshot shows you what is returned in the GPMC. It is not the output of the script. The script opens a similar report in a web browser:

Addendum/Erata: Get-GPOReport shows you more than just what is in the settings tab in the GPMC.  It also provides you the information that can be found in the other tabs when looking at a GPO in the GPMC.

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About Tome

Tome is a Windows engineer for a market-leading global financial services firm in New York City. He is the founder and leader of the New York City PowerShell User group, a blogger, a regular contributor to Microsoft's Windows PowerShell forum, and he has received the MVP award for Windows PowerShell from Microsoft. He is currently working on the PowerShell Bible, which is due out in June 2011 from Wiley.

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  1. Looks like I have to get this publishing thing down. This episode was supposed to come out tomorrow!

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